Our Values


Integrity: All our relationships are grounded in honesty and trust. We are committed to doing the right thing for the right reasons and our words and actions are in alignment. When mistakes are made, we acknowledge them, learn from them and strive not to repeat them.


Community: We contribute to developing strong, vibrant communities that embrace and celebrate diversity, collaboration and acceptance. Fostering wide supports for our clients, participating in community events and building community within our company are all expressions of this value.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction: The people who work at Service Alternatives are our most valuable resource. We believe we have a company where employees have meaningful work, opportunities for growth, a chance to participate in decision-making and competitive benefit packages.

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility: We are responsible stewards of our resources, understanding that this is the only way to maximize services provided by public funds. We have established an ethical profit margin, and return up to half of that to our employees as bonuses.


Excellence: We will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and consumers. Our work and behavior will be of the highest quality, and even the smallest detail is addressed with this value in mind.

Customer Service

Customer Service: Our customer service is built on open and honest relationships. We build strong partnerships with our customers, truly listening to their needs and working together to provide the best possible support to the clients we are serving.